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I am a Japanese American ballet dancer, YouTube Artist, FCI Reporter. ロサンゼルス育ち、現在ニューヨーク在住のバレエ・ダンサー、ユーチューブ・アーティスト、FCI のリポーターです。日本には住んだ事はありませんが、日本語と日本の文化が大好きです!

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US Open 2014 錦織圭選手 全米オープン決勝戦!


The Grand Slam US Open Singles Final 2014 took place this past Monday, September 8th at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York! Last year was my first time going there, and I had the opportunity to interview the top tennis players in the world such as Rodger Federer and Rafael Nadal. This year was especially special for thousands of Japanese tennis fans because Kei Nishikori was one of the two finalists AND the first male from Asia to get to the US Open Finals!


op2.jpgThe picture from above is right when I got to the stadium, a couple hours before the game. The area was literally *packed* by 4pm since the game was set to start in an hour.


op1.jpgI saw crowds of people gathered in front of this Men's Singles tournament board, where it lists the names of all the players. With only one game left, the name "Nishikori" (left) and "Cilic (right)" was written in the center- one which will be crowned as the champion of the US Open for this year. As I was interviewing people who came to see the game, some mentioned that the two finalists were a bit unexpected. Since 2005's Australia Open till last year, it was always one of the "Big Four" players (Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Murray) who had won the title. However, Nadal (last year's champion) did not take part in the US Open this year, and the rest did not make it to the final round. World #1 Djokovic was defeated by Nishikori and Federer was upset by Cilic, making the final two players young newcomers, ages 24 and 25. With this surprising outcome, many have mentioned that a new generation has come into the tennis world.

トーナメント表の決勝戦の枠に、NISHIKORI vs CILICの文字が!!

photo (2).JPG

I rooted for Kei Nishikori from beginning to end while interviewing the  audience on their thoughts about the game. Nishikori was falling behind, but in response, I felt a great amount of energy, support, and uplifting words for the player. People from various ethnicities cheered and rooted for Nishikori as he strived to win.

Unfortunately, Nishikori did not win the title, but coming this far into the game with his true skills, dedication, and passion was something that gave so much encouragement to Japan and the world. I could not believe the fact that he had been suffering from injuries and even had a surgery on his right toe very recently. No matter what condition or circumstances he may have to face, this man is definitely a fighter all the way. He made history that will be remembers for many, many years.

Right after the game, I went to the press conference to interview Kei Nishikori himself. Unfortunately this episode will not be uploaded online due to credentials, but here are some of his words that he gave in return to my questions. I asked him, "What would you personally say is your strength that brought you this far, even through all the obstacles and challenges you have had to face?" To that, he answered "I grew a lot stronger through each game, and I believe that helped me a lot both mentally and physically. I am beginning to be able to play how I've always wanted to, and I believe that if I continue my training diligently, good results will come out in return." To my question where I asked where he would like to be next, he answered "to never forget this feeling so that I can come back and win the Grand Slam next time." His strong words and eyes when he answered my questions is something that was so inspiring and truly unforgettable.






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Trendy Men's Fashion! (Brooklyn/Surf-Inspired Looks)


 Trendylicious: Trendy Brooklyn Men's Fashion 


Brooklyn is one of New York's hottest places for trendy fashion! In this Trendylicious episode, I checked out what's in style now among stylish men in Brooklyn. Pick up some great mxing and matching tips that can be applied for both men and women to create laid-back yet unique, personal, and stylish looks! If you're looking for fashionable clothing/ideas your boyfriend, a family member, guy friends, etc. this may help you out as well. :)
Check out the full video by clicking HERE!





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Trendylicious: Fall Fashion 2014! 秋の先取りファッション


 Trendylicious: Fall Fashion 2014! 秋の先取りファッション 


Hi, everyone! Summer is ending soon, and Fall will be here again in no time. So in today's brand new Trendylicious episode (1st of the new season!), I'm going to talk with you about the hottest Fall Fashion Trend of 2014! :) When I think of Fall fashion for girls, I always think: boots, leather jacket, and hats. But this year, what's going to be bigger than ever is "plaid"! Not just plaid shirts, but plaid skirts, jackets, and coats as well! Find out the cutest ways to style an outfit of trendy plaid pieces with "Plus-a-licious" introduced in the episode as an "Add-on Item" to spice up the outfit even more! ;)
Check out the full video by clicking HERE!




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Japanese Somen Bento★ ひんやり!カラフルそうめん弁当 (Kawaii Bento #16)


 Kawaii Bento #16: Japanese Somen (Cold Noodle) Bento! リンク



Summer is just around the corner, and as much as it is my favorite season of the year, I don't think many people like dealing with super humid weather. Hot and humid weather can make you feel exhausted and lose your appetite. Therefore, I decided to share a popular Japanese summer food called "somen", which are white noodles made of wheat flour that's served cold. When I was little I visited my grandparents in Japan every summer, and my grandmother always made somen for my brother and I. So in this episode, I will be sharing my grandmoter's nostalgic recipe and make it into a colorful and kawaii Somen Bento! :)

Click HERE to watch the full episode in English with Japanese subtitles!



*For one person. Please adjust amount according to servings*

- Somen and Toppings -
Somen (you can find white and/or colored ones at Japanese supermarkets!)
Seaweed paper (cut into thin strips)
Cold Shabu Shabu Pork
Eggs (cooked and thinly cut)
Sliced Cucumbers

- Tsuyu / Dipping Sauce -
Water (1 cup)
Bonito Powder (1 tablespoon)
Sugar (4 tablespoons)
Rice Wine a.k.a mirin (1/2 cup)
Soy Sauce (1/2 cup)

★Tip for the Tsuyu★
As I mention in the episode, it is best to make the tsuyu (dipping sauce) the night before so that you can store it in the fridge to make it cold. The somen will become more appetizing and delicious! When eaten at home, somen is usually soaked in a bowl of water and ice so you can make the tsuyu right before you eat it (since the somen itself would be very cold). However, that will gradually make the tsuyu taste watery so I personally recommend making it ahead of time for this bento. :) I also suggest adding some grated ginger and chopped scallions in the tsuyu right before you eat it to make it more enjoyable! I hope you will all have fun making this delightful summer recipe.

Kawaii Bentos from Around the World「世界のKawaii Bento」★

bento2.JPGIdeal Well-Balanced Bento
by: Irina Carbonnel (France)
bento3.JPGHealthy Kinoko Salad Bento
by: K. Heeley (USA)
bento1.JPGSummer Fatigue Prevention Bento (with my brother) & Japanese Koraku Bento
by: Yuka Poon (Netherlands)

Thank you all so much!! Happy Cooking! :)

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Summer Event at Governor's Island, NY!♡


 1920's Summer Event at Governor's Island! リンク

photo (28) copy.jpg

Last weekend, I went to Governor's Island for an event called "Jazz Age Lawn Party!"
Once you take the ferry from NY, you can travel back in time where you can fully experience
1920's live music, fashion, dancing, shopping, and more!
It's such a joyful event which you'll definitely want to check out this summer. :)
Click HERE to watch the full episode with full English subtitles!



photo (4).JPG

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